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The following information is required before NEW students will be allowed to register:


  1. Proof of Residency___________

    Only 1 of the items below is needed and it must show parent or guardian’s name:

    1. Current property tax bill or current utility bill
    2. Current home purchase agreement
    3. Current lease/rental agreement
  2. Proof of student’s date of birth in order to meet the age requirement._________

    Acceptable items are:

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Physician’s Records
    3. Passport/visa
  3. Proof of required immunizations per NM law_________
  4. Certificate of Indian Blood (if it applies to the student)_____________
  5. Records from previous school________________

    (unofficial transcript & transfer/withdraw grades if midterm)

  6. Learning accommodations (including Gifted)_______________
  7. SpEd records___________
  8. Parent ID____________


**If the student is living with someone other than the parent, please see registrar for a Guardianship form.  Form must be signed by both the parent and new guardian, notarized, filed at the County Clerk’s Office, and taken to Central Office for copies BEFORE registration can take place.  (Must renew every 6 months)


**If the student’s family lives with someone else, please see registrar for a Residency Verification form.  The parent(s) and person(s) who will be verifying the residency must be present to sign and provide the perjury statement. (Must renew every 1 year)

Download or print this document here



FHS Registrar

505-324-0352 ext.1409

Fax: 855-446-3185


Download or print this document here