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Welcome To Mr. Rhodes' Websit [Ext.1456]

You may contact Mr. Rhodes at the school, 505-324-0352 x 1457  or click here to email him; Mr. Rhodes

Farmington High School

Gary Rhodes
505-324-0352  voice mail ext. 1457________
Room 105

1 Credit
Conference Times:  7:00-8:00 am 2:20-3:45 pm.

Brigance Transition Skills
The Transition Curriculum

The Transition class is designed to prepare the student to make a smooth transition from High School into the world of work and to also prepare the student with the daily living skills needed to live independently and successfully.
Strategic Learning Goal(s):
Students will be able to acquire and develop skills in the areas of Personal Management, Career Exploration, Daily Living, and Employability Skills
Students will learn vocabulary associated with the world of work and daily living by using the Marzano Word Map method.
Students will increase their knowledge of numbers and operations by using math to solve daily living math problems incorporated in their learning curriculum.
Students will be able to develop the essential skills needed to become successful in their chosen career after graduating from High School.
Class Expectations and Requirements:
Students will be on time for class.
Students will show respect for themselves and their fellow classmates.
Laptops will be used in class for class related activities only.
Electronic devices such as cell phones and music devices will not be used during class.
No sleeping In class.
Student Success Resources:
Brigance Assessment Skills and Workbook.
Grading and Evaluation:
 90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
Below 60 F                          
See the FHS Student Handbook for a full description of the Grading Policy:
Non-Discrimination Clause:
FMS Policy: “The Farmington Municipal Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability in its programs and activities.”  If you feel you need accommodations due to the facility or the delivery method in the classroom, please communicate this with the instructor, your guidance counselor, or with the high school administration.  See the Student Handbook for more information regarding the FMS Policy.

Transition Lessons

Subject: Transition

Teacher: G. Rhodes

Date:  8/18/2014- 5/27/2015

Unit:  Transition Skills

Unit Goal: Students will develop skills in the transition areas of post-secondary opportunities, independent living and community participation

1- Education and Career Interest / Choices
2- Job Related Knowledge / Skills
3- Communication / Technology Skills
4- Food
5- Clothing
6- Housing
7- Money / Finance
8- Health
9- Travel / Transportation
10- Community Resources
11- Community Signs
12- Citizenship / Voting

Review Previous Lesson: Review previous lesson for logical sequencing and review.

Anticipatory Set: Build interest and relevance with stories, interact clips, news articles, Brigance activities, videos

Objectives: Students will be able to:
-discuss the range of options and decisions that come with entering the post-secondary world.
-learn the importance and purpose of employment related government documents and will practice filling out various government forms.
-learn how to complete documents needed to apply for a job.
-prepare for a successful job interview.
-interpret the information in pay checks and pay statements.
-learn and practice communication skills and expected on-the-job behaviors.
-make informed shopping decisions.
-order and pay for a meal in a restaurant.
-shop for and choose appropriate clothing.
-understand the steps of caring for clothing
-learn the basic skills needed to seek and secure housing.
-learn the basic skills needed to maintain and care for a home.
-develop and maintain a budget.
-calculate costs in order to make good spending choices.
-learn how to use banking services for saving, spending, and borrowing.
-identify body systems and processes and learn how a healthy body works.
-prevent and treat health problems and making decisions about their health.
-learn about the safe and proper use of medicines.
-think about personal health decisions.
-explain how to travel by car, bus, train and plane.
-learn about community agencies and why and how to access them.
-will become familiar with and how to use recreation and community centers.
-will understand about the nature of government and the responsibilities of a citizen.
-register and vote.

Activities / Learning Processes:
Vocabulary exercises -- Marzano Word Maps
supporting worksheets and forms
group activities
videos, internet clips
computer research activities
class discussions
related math and writing
Brigance Classroom Activities
The Transition Curriculum

Evaluation / Learning Measures / Progress Check:
previous lesson review
weekly quizzes
chapter tests
unit tests
9-weeks / semester tests
class participation
career assessments

Benchmarks and Standards:
CS 1 Benchmarks 1,3,4,5
CS 2 Benchmarks 3
CS 3 Benchmarks 1,2,4
CS 4 Benchmarks 3,4,5
CS 5 Benchmarks 1,3,4

ELL Strategies:
Strategy 2 - Essential Vocabulary
Strategy 4 - Variety of Visual Aids
Strategy 6 - Teach Language along with content
Strategy 12 - Use cooperative learning
Course Schedule:
Enter week, topic for the week, and required assignments in the appropriate columns below. Use the Tab key to move around in the table. To insert rows, click on the table and then on the Table menu, point to Insert and click on the Row action you want to take. To delete rows, click on the table and then on the Table menu, point to Delete and click on Rows.

Unit Title
Chapters / Resources
Common Core State Standards Covered
Date Complete
Transition Skills

1.Education and Career Interest
2. Job Related Knowledge
3.Communication/Technology Skills
4. Food
5. Clothing
6. Housing
7. Money/Finance
8. Health
9. Travel/Transportation
10. Community Resources
11. Community Signs
12. Citizenship/Voting

CS 1 Benchmarks 1,3,4,5
CS 2 Benchmarks 3
CS 3 Benchmarks 1,2,4
CS 4 Benchmarks 3,4,5
CS 5 Benchmarks 1,3,4

  • August 26- Oct.4
  • Oct. 7- Nov. 8
  • Nov. 11- Dec.4
  • Dec. 5-Jan 17
  • Jan. 20- Feb. 21
  • Feb. 24-Mar.14
  • Mar.17- April 4
  • April 7-April 25
  • April 28- May 2
  • May5- May 9
  • May 12-May 16
  • May19-May 28

Common Core State Standards Covered
Date Complete

6 Step Vocabulary
Common Core State Standards Covered
Date Complete
Marzano Word Maps
job application
cover letter
letter of application
gross pay
net pay
tax return

CS 1 Benchmarks 2,5
One word per week

Quizzes :  Weekly
Exams: 3 per 9 wk. period
9 Week test
Semester test