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A Guardianship or a Power of Attorney is necessary when a student does not live with a legal parent.  Guardianships are granted from the parent to the guardian.  If a change in guardianship takes place, it must always be issued from the parent to a new guardian and not guardian to guardian.  

The Guardianship is a document which must be notorized at Central Office, filed with the County Clerk in Aztec and then returned to Central Office BEFORE registration can take place.

Once the Guardianship has been finalized at Central Office, at Farmington High School, all new guardianships require a meeting with one of the vice principals.  This meeting must be attended by the parent, the new guardian and the student.  The student should have all records from their previous school which includes transcript, current grades, attendance and discipline.  The new guardian must also provide proof of residence for the FHS zone in the form of a gas or electric bill or a lease/mortgage agreement.

If you grant a guardianship for a current student or your student is new and attending under a guardianship and he/she is in any activity or sport, please contact the Athletic Director as your student's participation can be effected by the guardianship.

                                     **Guardianship forms can be obtained at the Registrar's Office or Central Office.**

Guardianship Instructions.pdf